How to Change Default Google Account over Multiple Accounts

How to Change Your Default Google Account

Multiple sign-ins used to be a mess, but now it’s more seamless than ever before. This feature allows you to view the content of your other accounts while logged into one. But you can’t use some of the Google tools from two accounts at one time (e.g. Google Drive) unless you choose one.

Google defaults to the first account you logged in with. This is the rule you will see in action every time. The Google menu at the top-right also suggests the default account when you use multiple sign-ins.

This is what Google says:

“In many cases, your default account is the one you signed in with first. On mobile devices, your default account can vary depending on your device’s operating system and the apps you use.”

So, the solution to set a default account:

  1. Go to any Google site sign-in page in a non-incognito window.
  2. Log out of all your Google accounts. Select your profile picture on the top-right and then click Sign out from the menu.

Extra Tips to Manage Multiple Google Accounts

Thanks to the easy switch feature, multiple Gmail (or any other Google app) account management is less of a hassle. But a few annoyances do pop up. Maybe, you have tried to open a shared link and Google tells you don’t have permission with the default account.

Here are a few more tips to make managing multiple Google accounts easier and save you a few clicking trips.

  1. Use a distinct profile image with each Google account.
  2. Want temporary access to a Google account other than your default? Use a browser’s Incognito mode to sign-in.
  3. For easy switching, log into your Google accounts in your preferred order when you sit down to work. Then close the tabs for the accounts you don’t need. You can switch anytime without signing in till you log out.
  4. Set up sharing privileges for files and folders you use often between two accounts. You don’t need to keep two accounts open with “edit permissions on a shared file or folder.


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